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Yellow Airplane in the Labyrinth
I mean it this time, I will start doing regular updates again! Besides, I really wanted to update on these movies I've been a-watchin'. Maybe start reviewing movies every now and then, whatever.

'Best sex I've had since Ted Kennedy!'

Who hasn't seen this? Believe it or not, my roommate's boyfriend hasn't. He just happened to walk in on me and noticed Otto, the inflatable autopilot, on the screen and wondered what I was watching. I informed him and told him that Otto had just gotten a blow job from the stewardess. At which point, my roommate said "I love that movie!" Definetly one of those "you had to be there" moments.

I'd only seen this movie once, and it was a few years ago. Now that I have it on DVD, I figured I'd sit back and watch it. I'd nearly forgotten all the jokes, seeing how they come out of this movie at such a rapid fire pace. There's a risk to that sort of movie-when the jokes come that fast, they need to have a consistent level of humor or they get old. In the case of Airplane!, I could barely catch my breath from the laughing. Also a good point for Airplane!, most of the pop cultures references didn't get too dated. That was probably just sheer luck in some cases, such as a Ronald Reagan joke (about his acting, and before he'd become president!), the extended Saturday Night Fever joke, and even the jive dudes. I love this movie. Best laugh I've had in awhile.

Yellow Submarine
It's all in the mind.

I actually watched this on Thursday, but so what? Another recently acquired DVD. Thursday was the first time I'd seen it all the way through, and I intend to watch it several more times. Mwahahaha!

Yea, so basically, this movie sort of has this plot where the Beatles have to save Pepperland. But if you're watching this film, you're not going for the plot, you're going to see one of the quirkiest animated films to come out of Britain. The animation is enthralling - the stylistic approach evokes the era it came from. And yea, it's the Beatles, so you'd better believe there's a great soundtrack. I have to say, the Beatles were a riot in this film. Despite frequent danger, they seemed to take everything in stride, still making dry one liners. They come alive when they go into musical numbers, of course. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is an amazing array of colors, though I think my favorite is "Hey Bulldog!" I just like the song^_^ If you catch me on AIM right now, I've got some of my favorite movie quotes in my profile.

The Labyrinth
'Don't look, I'm having a bad hair day!  Oh wait, it's the 80's...nevermind.'

And finally, I went to the first film of an 80's film night in the community center to see The Labyrinth, that quirky little 1986 Jim Henson fantasy. I saw it once, years ago, with two girls who wouldn't stop drooling over David Bowie and his almost frighteningly tight pants. It takes great confidence in one's masculinity to wear them, but seeing how Bowie's worn dresses before, I doubt he was the least beat shy to throw on some spandex and thrust out his manhood with pride.

Wow, I forgot how much Jennifer Connelly sucked. She looks cute, but that was some LOUSY acting. She sounds almost like she's singing her lines with dull tones, which is very grating. She improves when the setting changes, but ouch. David Bowie, even with the terrifying pants, steals the show. Come on, he gets to sing some great, Bowieriffic songs, and it also meant I could make a whole bunch of Ziggy Stardust jokes while the movie was running>=D. He's fun to watch. Too bad he's, well, evil and stuff, and therefore must be defeated at the end. Speaking of songs, I still don't know why the segment with the Fierys was in the film. It was a dull musical number, contributed nothing to the film, and was easily forgotten. The Bowie numbers at least took place during plot related scenes, and added to the mood of the film. Oh well. Still a fun little film.
Sunday, January 12, 2003
01:51 a.m.